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The Diamond Center


"Imagine a time when Neko Case may have fronted an outfit like the Velvet Underground...the group flourishes with flairs of instrumental freak-outs and recordings that breathe the same air as those produced by pioneers of the past like Phil Spector and Joe Meek. Their live shows enable The Diamond Center to develop a sonic atmosphere where their songs can live on forever." -Shannon Cleary

Founded in early 2007, The Diamond Center is a North American band that makes electrified folk music filtered through a psychedelic kaleidoscope. Starting in Athens, GA, Brandi Price and Kyle Harris have musically tailored their own colorful wardrobe. Inspired by the recording flair of Meek and Spector, the bravado of the Elevators and BJM, and the vocal presence of Mazzy Star and Patti Smith along with guitars that range from the gentlest acoustic to swirly and roaring feasts of fuzz. Currently residing in Austin, TX via Richmond, Virginia, The Diamond Center are a constant metamorphosis driven by the always talented musicians that help to fill out their sound as well as the geography of the region.