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Little Coyote "Witness" 03/01/2019 · EggHunt Records · EHR-035

Newest single from the Toronto outfit, Little Coyote. Teagan Johnston is the driving force behind Little Coyote, and she crafts emotionally charged music by writing predominantly on her piano. Little Coyote recently played at Canadian Music week and completed a tour through Italy and France. "Witness" reveals the inner feelings of living with abuse, and how one yearns to break free.

Gold Connections Like a Shadow03/01/2019 · EggHunt Records · EHR-033

About the EP - “I wrote these songs at the beginning of a strange period in my life­­––marked in equal parts by graduation, the election of our new president, the end of a relationship, and the fulfillment of my lifelong dream to record a studio album. Reality was shaken and the range of possibilities was shifting. Like A Shadow, and especially its single of the same name, is about the struggle to move forward into a world that seems both infinitely precarious and abundant. It’s EP on aftermath, written through a mixture of fear, melancholy, and lust for life." - Will Marsh

Limited Edition 7" clear vinyl

Mekong Xpress Common Knowledge10/19/2018 · EggHunt Records · EHR-032

On their EggHunt Records debut Common Knowledge, Richmond, VA's Mekong Xpress deliver a timelessly soulful set that incorporates a visionary assortment of stylistic influences. Such infectious band-penned originals as "Games," "Light On," "Canyon Road" and the haunting title track exemplify the quintet's organic, dynamic approach, echoing the musicians' shared grounding in vintage blues, funk, R&B and southern gospel while maintaining a bracing, distinctive songwriting voice that's wholly their own.

#300 12" black vinyl

Lazyeyes Echoes06/15/2018 · EggHunt Records · EHR-031

Lazyeyes is a shoegaze / post-punk band from Brooklyn, NY. Not unlike their predecessors RIDE, My Bloody Valentine, Slowdive, and others like Interpol, Lazyeyes bring a fresh take on the waves of crashing guitars and soaring vocals. Past praise is plentiful -The band self-released their sophomore EP, New Year, in January 2015, and it was quickly picked up and reissued by Burger Records’ cassette imprint, Wiener Records. Lazyeyes was a featured artist in the November 2014 issue of NME, and in December of that year, Stereogum described their sound as "a muscular, riff-happy brand of guitar-based dream-pop," going on to proclaim that "their songs burst with angular hooks and polished melodies."

#350 12" black vinyl

Gold Connections Popular Fiction05/11/18 · EggHunt Records · EHR-030

Popular Fiction spins out from its smooth black centre in wide concentric circles, like rings in a tree. Listen close, and you'll hear all the people Will Marsh has ever been. The new LP, Popular Fiction is a steady piece of reassurance and we are thrilled to hear how far Will Marsh has come. And we can see, with total clarity, just how far he can go.

#400 12" black vinyl
#1000 CD Digipak

Grace Vonderkuhn Reveries02/23/18 · EggHunt Records · EHR-029

Reveries, is a look inside Vonderkuhn's waking dreams and musings, ultimately revealing her view of the ethereality of life. The honesty and intimacy of her lyrics pair with driving power pop, post punk, and surfy licks, making the freshman album a thoughtful, energetic, and unpredictable ride.

#350 12" black vinyl

DIET The Sky is Diseased02/09/18 · EggHunt Records · EHR-028

Although DIET crafts music that would fit easily on a John Hughes movie soundtrack, the story behind the music goes far deeper. The endearing kinship of childhood friends "Lasse & Hasse" is a unique bond that galvanizes the soul of their music. Like two magical spirits lifting from a secret well, these sparkling youths from Odense, Denmark seem amazingly fresh and reborn.

#200 Cassette (clear-transparent shell)

Feral Conservatives Better Lives11/03/17 · EggHunt Records · EHR-027

Better Lives sees the band under the seasoned direction of Jon Auer, co-founder of Seattle's The Posies and reunion-era member of original power pop mavens Big Star. Auer co-produced, mixed the record, and even duets with Rosenfarb, bringing his sharp pop sensibilities to a heavier affair overall. The result is a striking, more thought-out album, sonically adventurous while still wholly melodic. Lyrically, hopes co-mingle with disappointment, abandonment with reconciliation, discontent with euphoria, and of course...a song about missing your cat while on tour.

#300 limited transparent red vinyl
#250 cd digipak

Little Coyote The Trouble With Teeth10/13/2017 · EggHunt Records · EHR-026

The Toronto-based, three-piece band Little Coyote formed in 2015. Their debut album, The Trouble With Teeth, was funded by a Canada Council for the Arts grant, and was recorded at Candle Recording. Little Coyote’s previous released singles, including “Annie’s Dead”, “Electric” and “Delirium” have gained praise from Strombo show CBC , Sidewalk Hustle, Exclaim! and Spotify’s “Indie All Stars” and “New Music Fridays” playlists.

#300 black 12" vinyl

Doll Baby Hell Block10/13/2017 · EggHunt Records · EHR-025

The 4th release in the Hatched Series, Doll Baby brings you a 5 song EP- Hell Block.
Doll Baby is an alternative punk band from Richmond, Virginia. They debuted their first EP titled Polliwog in the summer of 2016. Their sound is a blend of 90s influenced garage rock with the bands punk roots. The band features the separate influences of each member, effortlessly forming Doll Baby's unique sound.

#200 cassette (black shell)

Minor Poet And How!08/25/2017 · EggHunt Records · EHR-024

Minor Poet is the brainchild of Richmond, VA’s Andrew Carter, who holed up in his basement for two months and played every instrument on Minor Poet’s debut album And How! Inspired by the harmonies and sounds of classic 60’s groups the Beach Boys and the Zombies, as well as the lo-fi auteurism of the Magnetic Fields and Yo La Tengo, the eleven-song collection feels neither modern nor nostalgic, but rather exists in its own world, birthed from Carter’s mind.

#300 12" black vinyl

Big Baby Sour Patch EP07/14/17 · EggHunt Records · EHR-023

“Sour Patch is about the worst year I had after graduating college. I couldn’t catch a break and it felt like everything was crumbling from every direction. I wrote the songs during that time, and picked them out for the EP.
Lemons is the first song we wrote as Big Baby, and Everybody was written in early 2017. The rest span the year or so in between. They’re upbeat, poppy and bouncy but I wrote a lot of the lyrics in tears.”
- Ali Mislowski

#100 cassette (ruby red shell)