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Feral Conservatives Better Lives11/03/17 · EggHunt Records · EHR-027

Better Lives sees the band under the seasoned direction of Jon Auer, co-founder of Seattle's The Posies and reunion-era member of original power pop mavens Big Star. Auer co-produced, mixed the record, and even duets with Rosenfarb, bringing his sharp pop sensibilities to a heavier affair overall. The result is a striking, more thought-out album, sonically adventurous while still wholly melodic. Lyrically, hopes co-mingle with disappointment, abandonment with reconciliation, discontent with euphoria, and of course...a song about missing your cat while on tour.

Little Coyote The Trouble With Teeth10/13/2017 · EggHunt Records · EHR-026

The Toronto-based, three-piece band Little Coyote formed in 2015. Their debut album, “The Trouble With Teeth”, was funded by a Canada Council for the Arts grant, and was recorded at Candle Recording. Little Coyote’s previous released singles, including “Annie’s Dead”, “Electric” and “Delirium” have gained praise from Strombo show CBC , Sidewalk Hustle, Exclaim! and Spotify’s “Indie All Stars” and “New Music Fridays” playlists. After touring Canada from coast to coast, the band is now prepped for their first full length release via EggHunt Records (past Alumni Lucy Dacus & current artists Eric Slick, Camp Howard & more) on October 13th.

Doll Baby Hell Block10/13/2017 · EggHunt Records · EHR-025

The 4th release in the Hatched Series, Doll Baby brings you a 5 song EP- Hell Block.
Doll Baby is an alternative punk band from Richmond, Virginia. They debuted their first EP titled Polliwog in the summer of 2016. Their sound is a blend of 90s influenced garage rock with the bands punk roots. The band features the separate influences of each member, effortlessly forming Doll Baby's unique sound.

Minor Poet And How!08/25/2017 · EggHunt Records · EHR-024

Minor Poet is the brainchild of Richmond, VA’s Andrew Carter, who holed up in his basement for two months and played every instrument on Minor Poet’s debut album And How! Inspired by the harmonies and sounds of classic 60’s groups the Beach Boys and the Zombies, as well as the lo-fi auteurism of the Magnetic Fields and Yo La Tengo, the eleven-song collection feels neither modern nor nostalgic, but rather exists in its own world, birthed from Carter’s mind.

#300 12" black vinyl

Big Baby Sour Patch EP07/14/17 · EggHunt Records · EHR-023

“Sour Patch is about the worst year I had after graduating college. I couldn’t catch a break and it felt like everything was crumbling from every direction. I wrote the songs during that time, and picked them out for the EP.
Lemons is the first song we wrote as Big Baby, and Everybody was written in early 2017. The rest span the year or so in between. They’re upbeat, poppy and bouncy but I wrote a lot of the lyrics in tears.”
- Ali Mislowski

Camp Howard Juice EP05/12/17 · EggHunt Records · EHR-022

Camp Howard has joined EggHunt to release the long awaited follow up to their 2016 S/T debut LP. The new Juice EP finds the band maturing into one of the hottest new acts from central Virginia with intricate guitar riffs and swirling vocal melodies.

# 50 limited edition cassette (only avail for hatched subscribers)

Dazeases Local Slut03/10/17 · EggHunt Records · EHR-021

5 song EP from one of the most intriguing new artists to come out of Richmond,VA. Local Slut is the first installment of the EggHunt "Hatched" series.

# 50 limited edition cassette (only avail for hatched subscribers)
includes USB drive with exclusive material

Eric Slick Palisades04/21/2017 · EggHunt Records · EHR-020

Palisades is the debut solo album of Eric Slick (drummer for Philly band, Dr. Dog). This release finds Eric diving into the psyche and exploring mysticism, meditation, and how his reflection on the self applies to the larger realm. Haunting and sometimes lost inside itself, Palisades feels like a true journey through the emotions that make life so complex and unpredictable. Nothing is better than when an artist leaves "all on the canvas" for us to interpret, and Eric Slick has done exactly that with his new album.

#350 180g Black Vinyl
#500 cd digipak

Opin03/24/2017 · Egghunt Records · EHR-019

Opin is the S/T release from RVA's newest and most talked about band. The brainchild of Landis Wine & Tori Hovater (White laces), Opin pushes the boundaries of modern electronic hashed w/ analog indie sounds. The album was mastered by Joe Laporta (Bowie, Beach House, Run The Jewels) and features performances by Chris Ward (St Vincent) & David Hood (No BS Brass band).

#350 180g black vinyl

Sun Machine Supersonic Sons11/18/16 · EggHunt Records · EHR-018

Sun Machines make a splashy return to the pop scene with Supersonic Sons, the follow up to their 2014 EggHunt Records debut, Human Subjects. Multi-instrumentalists J. Forté and Gregory Gendron explore richer textures and deeper soundscapes on this epic synthpop space opera, which continues the interstellar tale first introduced on Human Subjects.

White Laces No Floor09/30/2016 · EggHunt Records · EHR-017

The long awaited third full length from White Laces arrives on September 30th. No Floor represents White Laces moving into an electronic landscape and rounding out the band with new member Tori Hovater on synths and backing vocals. The music glistens with catchy melodies and sparkling guitars painted onto a future-indie canvas.

White Laces Sick of Summer08/26/16 · EggHunt Records · EHR-016

White Laces released a self titled 5 song EP in 2011. EggHunt Records has remastered that amazing classic EP and added 3 bonus tracks, and will be releasing the new version "Sick of Summer" on August 26th.
White Laces are a band from Richmond, VA. The cassette reissue Sick of Summer combines the band's first self-titled EP from 2011 with various vinyl-only tracks released before the band's first proper LP, Moves. All the tracks have been remastered and serve as a reminder of when the band were so loud they were banned from venues due to sheer volume.