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Daddy Issues Double Loser 2/14/15 · EggHunt records · EHR-008

Double Loser is the debut 4 song EP from Greensboro, NC band Daddy Issues.
#200 ruby red cassette
#100 purple cassette

OKO TYGRA Glass Jaw / Plasticine4/31/15 · EggHunt Records · EHR-007

The debut 7" Vinyl from Denver, CO dream pop band 'OKO TYGRA'

#300 7"black vinyl

Feral Conservatives The Feeling Noise Becomes2/10/15 · EggHunt Records · EHR-006

The Feeling Noise Becomes a 4 song EP via Norfolk, VA indie folk-punk trio, The Feral Conservatives.
Recorded & engineered by Greg Gendron @ EggHunt Studios in Richmond, VA.

#200 cassette (purple shell)

Family Bike Everything You Own Is Anagrammed04/21/15 · EggHunt Records · EHR-005

The Debut full length LP from Southport, NC band FAMILY BIKE.

#300 12" black vinyl

Sun Machines Human Subjects 10/20/14 · EggHunt Records · EHR-004

Sun Machines debut album Human Subjects Washington, DC-based four-track recording project powered by TASCAM, Maxell, and TDK.

# 100 cd digipak
# 100 cassette

White Laces Moves (deluxe edition) 10/10/14 · EggHunt Records · EHR-003

Moves is White Laces (RVA) debut album. Originally released on Speakertree Records in 2012, This deluxe edition was re-released by EggHunt Records.

#200 cd (sleeve)

White Laces Trance 10/7/14 · EggHunt Records · EHR-002

Trance is White Laces (RVA) second full length album. Recorded/engineered by Jeff Zeigler.

#800 black vinyl 180 g
#100 solid pink 180g
#100 transparent blue 180g
#100 cd digipak

Red States High Bison 6/14/14 · EggHunt Records · EHR-001

High Bison is a six track EP by Red States from Richmond,VA. Recorded/engineered by Greg Gendron

# 200 cd (sleeve)