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Manatree Release Music Video For "Fat Jackson" 18 Jan 2017

Manatree have released the official video for their song "Fat Jackson" from their self titled record, which came out last summer on Egghunt. The video is directed by Mitchell Craft, who described the concept to RVA Magazine "I was imagining a lot of colors and movement going on, so I involved that with the musicians themselves.”

The band sought to work with Craft after drummer Alex Elder reconnected with him after not seeing each other since elementary school, and bassist Noma Illmensee started going to shows at his DIY spot.

The concept for the band was to let an artist they admired create a video inspired by what the song meant to them, rather than seek lyrical inspiration or head up the project themselves, as they had done in more collaboration with Mikan Media for their previous video for "Animal Quietlies."

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