EggHunt Records

Double Release Friday!! 15 Oct 2017

This past Friday The 13th (not joking) we had a first ever double release day at EggHunt Records. The excitement was real and palpable around the office with many an Egghead getting a cardboard paper cut as we boxed and shipped at a frantic rate to get the new double release orders OTD.

The two releases in question are EggHunt official release #25 Doll Baby Hell Block and release #26 Little Coyote The Trouble With Teeth. Each release has special meaning to the Egg-team for different reasons. Doll Baby's EP is such a new direction for EggHunt with its powerful punk / alt rock vibe and fearless singing from Julie Storey. And Little Coyote's release is an EggHunt first as the band is from another country! Well, lets say our kind neighbors in Canada- being from Toronto. We are really excited to share both releases with all of you, and its fun to see the roster and discography grow.