EggHunt Records

Grace Vonderkuhn Signs to EggHunt!! 15 Nov 2017


It was with great pleasure that team Eggs got to announce the signing of Grace Vonderkuhn to the label this past Monday. When we got the album submission back in August, it was one of those OMG moments, "we've gotta sign this artist." I can't tell you how much this album means to us, the song writing it so immediately catchy and energetic, it's like an old friend has just showed back up on your doorstep in the rain, and you open the door "Hey! omg, what...!??" The album was ironically recorded by an old high school friend of mine, Matt Morrissette (so another reason that this is super fun for us!) and he used a Tascam 8 track to tape. So the album has an amazing vintage tape sound, and the process imparted amazing guitar tones and bass cuts. Grace kills it on guitar, and the singing is passionate and fun, and just gets stuck in your head at work all day, so be careful!! - Adam

Stay tuned for all things Grace, and keep an eye out for a forthcoming single! In the meantime you can catch her at select tour dates seen below!