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Family Bike Everything You Own Is Anagrammed EHR-005

Family Bike is the project of long-time friends Karl Kuehn (who also heads up Museum Mouth) and drummer Taylor Haag. A recent Stereogum premiere showcased the lead single “Idiot Boy,” which Kuehn describes as a “song for a German gymnast that I fell in love with during the 2012 Olympics!” And it certainly drips with the kind of unobtainable lust you get after seeing someone on TV: “If I could I would already have you in my bed, and erased all the memories of the brunette that came before me."

track list
01 “Big Diction”
02 “The Best Sleep”
03 “Idiot Boy”
04 “Heat Rash”
05 “Places”
06 “How I Survived November”
07 “Nobody’s Business”
08 “When You’re Young”
09 “Kith And Kin”
10 “Dylan’s Room”
11 “Carson Daly”

Pressing Info

12" black vinyl #300

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