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White Laces Sick of Summer EHR-016

EggHunt is proud to announce the remaster and reissue of White Laces’ 2011 classic self-titled five song EP along with three bonus tracks previously available on limited vinyl-only releases. All the tracks have been remastered and serve as a reminder of when the band were so loud they were banned from venues due to sheer volume. The new collection, Sick of Summer, will be released on August 26th.

track list
1. Motorlik Twilight 04:31
2. Spirituals 04:41
3. Sick of Summer 06:11
4. Honeywood 03:38
5. Psychic Healing 05:08
6. Hands in Mexico 03:19
7. Bastard's Dead 04:40
8. Dissolve Into Color 04:23

Pressing Info

#150 White Shell Tapes

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