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Eric Slick Palisades EHR-020

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Eric Slick is probably best known as the drummer for Pennsylvania rock band, Dr. Dog (since 2010) His upcoming solo debut however, sees the musician stepping out from behind the kit. The record was penned over the course of 2014, when Slick decided to leave his native Philadelphia for the first time and move to Asheville, North Carolina. He practiced meditation and Jungian dream therapy as a form of reinvention — and to write his own songs, which all sprung from these intense periods of meditation. Slick specifically found inspiration in the works of writer/actor Spalding Gray, especially his 1992 book Impossible Vacation, which details, well, the impossibility of searching for Zen. “I know it’s the funny trope: indie rock dude goes to the woods and makes an outsider record,” Slick says. “But it was a time of deep introspection and a fruitful period of my life. I wrote somewhere around 50 songs in 2014."

track list
1. You Became the Light 02:51
2. The Dirge 04:18
3. No 04:09
4. Slow Burn 05:16
5. Palisades 04:36
6. You Are Not Your Mind 03:40
7. Evergreen 03:00
8. Into the Void 04:37

Pressing Info

#350 180 gram gold vinyl
#500 cd digipak

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