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Doll Baby Hell Block EP EHR-025

The 4th release in the Hatched Series, Doll Baby brings you a 5 song EP- Hell Block.
Doll Baby is an alternative punk band from Richmond, Virginia. The band was formed by Julie Storey and brothers Dan and Eric Kelly, with the current addition of Jake Guralnik. They debuted their first EP titled Polliwog in the summer of 2016. Their sound is a blend of 90s influenced garage rock with the bands punk roots. The band features the separate influences of each member, effortlessly forming Doll Baby's unique sound.

track list
1. Alive 03:53
2. For Sylvia 02:14
3. Perfect Posture 02:21
4. Softie 03:14
5. Silver Stars 02:54

Pressing Info

Cassette #100 (black shell)

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