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DIET The Sky is Diseased EHR-028

The Sky is Diseased is the new debut EP from DIET, which was released on Feb 9th 2018 via digital and cassette formats.
Although DIET crafts music that would fit easily on a John Hughes movie soundtrack, the story behind the music goes far deeper. The endearing kinship of childhood friends "Lasse & Hasse" is a unique bond that galvanizes the soul of their music. Like two magical spirits lifting from a secret well, these sparkling youths from Odense, Denmark seem amazingly fresh and novel.

track list
1. Laundered America 03:36
2. John Cale 03:19
3. I'm Your Type? 04:10
4. 2002 03:25
5. Retrograde Europe 03:19
6. The Fighter 05:46

Pressing Info

#200 cassette (clear-transparent shell)

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